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Playhead Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") collects the minimum personal information when necessary, and the collected personal information is notified to the user and used only within the scope of consent. The Company shall not use or disclose it to the outside world beyond the scope of the contents agreed in advance.

In order to safely process users' personal information, the company is doing its best to protect users' rights and interests by setting a personal information processing policy. The company will notify users in advance if there is a revision of the personal information processing policy, and post it through notices so that users can check it.


Article 1 Purpose of Processing Personal Information

1. Step-by-step processing of personal information items


※ At least step-by-step information can be collected and processed through self-verification, adult authentication, legal representative authentication, service use, and customer inquiries (such as cancellation of purchase, inquiries, etc.).

※ Some SNS services provide a function that allows users to directly select the information provided to log in to REELAZE, so users should check and select related functions so that minimum personal information can be provided and processed when logging in to SNS.


2. Purpose of processing personal information

1) We process personal information to subscribe to services, use services and consult, modify profiles, check and prevent fraudulent use.

2) Personal information is processed to confirm the person and age, to confirm the consent and consent of the legal representative of children under the age of 14, and to confirm the consent and consent of the legal representative of youth users.

3) It is essential to provide the ability to quickly and efficiently search for various contents, and for this purpose, it processes users' personal information. In this case, personal information is processed under a pseudonym and used so that individuals cannot be identified.

4) We process personal information for purchase and cancellation, response to refund requests, user counseling and response, delivery of notices, account sanctions and restrictions on use.

5) We process personal information to create sound content, improve service quality, prevent the distribution of illegal filming, and protect youth.

6) Personal information can be processed for marketing purposes such as participating in events and providing advertising information, and in this case, the user's separate consent is obtained in advance.

7) Personal information can be processed in analyzing service use records and providing customized services according to statistics and analysis on service use.


3. Processing and retention period of personal information

When collecting personal information, the company processes and retains the personal information for the period agreed upon.

1) Personal information collected and used by the company will be destroyed immediately upon the user's withdrawal. However, information necessary to prevent fraudulent use and rejoining will be stored for 7 days before being destroyed.

2) The Company may take de-identification measures to prevent restoration when processing personal information for analysis of service use records, statistics on service use, and analysis.

3) Non-service dormant conversion policies (Personal Information Validation) are as follows.

- The company is providing information on the planned sleep conversion to users 30 days before the time of applying to the dormant state for users who have not used the service for one year (or three years).

- If the service is not used even after the dormant conversion notice, the member's information will be dormant and transferred to a separate DB and stored separately. However, if there is a period separately designated by the user when registering as a member, the period requested by the user will be applied.

- Personal information may be restored when a dormant switched user logs in to use the service again.

- The user's personal information stored separately will be destroyed without delay after a certain period of time stipulated in the relevant laws and regulations.

4) Some personal information of the withdrawn member is transferred to a separate DB and stored separately if it is required to be stored according to the relevant laws and regulations.


※ The user's personal information stored separately is controlled so that only a minimum number of handlers can access it.


Article 2 Provision of personal information to a third party

In principle, the company does not provide personal information to third parties beyond the scope of the purpose of collection and use or without the consent of the user.

If it is necessary to provide the user's personal information to a third party, we will clearly inform the user of the matters related to the provision of personal information required by the relevant laws and regulations and obtain consent.

The company may provide personal information without the consent of the user if there is a basis for the law.

- Where there are special provisions in the law or to comply with statutory obligations

- Where there is a request from an investigative agency pursuant to a seizure search and verification warrant, etc. for the purpose of investigation

- Where an investigative agency, etc. requests cooperation in the affairs of an emergency case suspected of a crime, such as suicide or disappearance, etc


Article 3 Entrustment of Personal Information Processing

The company may outsource some of its personal information processing work if necessary to better serve its users.

The company demands responsibility from the trustee to comply with privacy laws and regulations through documents such as contracts when entrusting personal information processing work.

The company reflects the relevant information in the contract so that the contracted trustee meets the safety measures required by the privacy laws and regulations when processing and entrusting personal information.

The company requires the trustee to take technical and administrative protective measures to safely process the user's personal information, such as safe processing of personal information, access or access record management, prohibition of non-purpose use, restriction on re-consignment of consignment work, and encryption. However, we are conducting management supervision in consideration of the security level and size of the trustee.


Article 4 Procedures and methods for destroying personal information

The company immediately destroys the user's personal information when it is necessary to destroy it because it achieves the purpose of the work or the retention period. However, information that must be kept under the relevant laws and regulations complies with a certain period set by individual laws and regulations.

The procedures and methods for destroying personal information are as follows.

1) When the purpose of collecting and using user's personal information is achieved, it will be destroyed without delay. Personal information printed on paper is destroyed by grinding or incineration with a grinder, and personal information stored in electronic file format is deleted using a technical method that cannot be reproduced.

2) Personal information that must be preserved by other laws and regulations will be safely stored for a certain period of time in a separate DB for compliance with the relevant laws and internal regulations and then destroyed.


Article 5 Technical/Managing Protection Measures for Personal Information

The company provides the following technical and administrative protection measures to ensure safety so that personal information is not lost, stolen, leaked, tampered with or damaged in the processing of user personal information.

1. Encryption of personal information

1) The user's password is encrypted one-way, stored and managed, and only the user himself can know the password. Therefore, please be extra careful not to let others know your password.

2) The company is performing the encryption required by the statute. Financial information such as account numbers is stored and managed in accordance with the algorithms required by the law.

3) The company encrypts the section where users' personal information is transmitted, and encrypts important data or sets a password on a file when performing work in-house.

2. countermeasures against hacking, etc

1) The company is doing its best to prevent users' personal information from being leaked or damaged by hacking or computer viruses.

2) The Company continues to work to secure as much technical protection as possible to ensure improved security measures.

3) The company controls unauthorized access from outside and strives to have all possible technical devices to ensure system security.

3. Minimize personal information handlers and provide continuous education

1) The company minimizes the number of employees handling personal information, and conducts regular and frequent training on personal information handlers to ensure the implementation of this policy and compliance with privacy laws and regulations.

2) Personal information handlers are being reviewed to see if the authority is appropriate, and measures are being taken to give them minimal authority.

3) The company regularly updates the account password of the personal information handler.


Article 6 Obligations of Users

Users are obligated to comply with the Personal Information Protection Act to keep their personal information safe.

Users are obligated to keep their personal information safe, and the company is not responsible for anything caused by user's personal carelessness. Therefore, users are obliged to make every effort to thoroughly manage and periodically change their REELAZE account and password to protect their personal information.

Users are obligated to accurately enter and maintain their personal information up to date. The user is responsible for any problems caused by the user's inaccurate input of information.

Users can be punished under the Personal Information Act along with loss of membership when they register or use the service by stealing other people's personal information.

Users are also obligated not to infringe or leak other people's personal information. If you mention or leak personal information you have learned about other users while using the service, you may be punished in accordance with laws and regulations related to personal information.

If an account on another site is leaked (exposed) or stolen, the user is responsible for changing the password of the REELAZE account immediately.

Article 7 Personal Information Protection Officer and Complaint Handling Department

Director of Privacy

Name: Shim Dong-min
Position: Representative Director
Position: Director of Privacy
Contact: / 02-3662-6616

Department in charge of handling personal information complaints

Department name: Service operation / 02-3662-6616

You can contact the person responsible for personal information protection and the civil complaint handling department for all personal information protection inquiries, complaint handling, and damage relief while using the service provided by the company, and the company will promptly provide sufficient answers to users' reports and inquiries.


Article 8 Reporting and Consultation of Personal Information Protection Infringement

If you need to report or consult about other personal information infringements, please contact the following institutions.

Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee ( / Phone 1833-6972)
Personal Information Infringement Reporting Center ( / 118)
Cybercrime Investigation Unit of the Supreme Prosecutors' Office ( / 02-3480-3571)
National Police Agency Cyber Safety Bureau ( / 182)


Article 9 Other matters

The company may provide users with links to other companies' websites or materials. In this case, the Company is not responsible for and cannot guarantee the usefulness of services or materials provided through the external site because it does not have the authority to control the external site and materials. Therefore, if you move to a page other than the company's page, make sure to check the reliability of the site, and the privacy policy of the site you visited is irrelevant to the company, so please check the policies such as the privacy policy of the newly visited site.

Article 10 Duty of Notice

This personal information processing policy will apply from the enforcement date, and if there is any addition, deletion, or correction of changes in accordance with laws and regulations, we will notify you of the changes seven days before the implementation of the changes.

Also, if it is inevitable to change the personal information processing policy due to changes in related laws or company policies, we will notify you quickly through the notice, so please refer to it.

Privacy Policy Version Number: Ver1.0
Announcement date: October 12, 2021
Effective date: October 14, 2021

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